About Dr. Delaune

If you ask Dr. Delaune about his favorite quote, he’ll respond with a gem from veteran, businessman and motivational speaker, W. Mitchell

“It’s not about what happens to you; it’s what you do about it.”

When Dr. Delaune was growing up, he noticed that his own dentist was always extremely happy. No matter what. His dentist would always be whistling throughout the office and it seemed like he had the perfect job. There are always set backs that could hang people up and cause frustration but Dr. Delaune’s childhood dentist was happy even in the face of difficult situations. It was that attitude that inspired Dr. Delaune to go into dentistry.

Delaune Dental Team

The mark that his childhood dentist left on him continues to shine through in his own practice. Dr. Delaune is passionate about providing the best service to his patients along with excellent dental care. In fact, passion is something that accompanies Dr. Delaune in every activity. In his spare time, Dr. Delaune volunteers for Donated Dental Services (DDS) program which provides free dental care for the disabled.

Outside the office, Dr. Delaune is a passionate outdoorsman. Often backpacking and hiking in the wilderness of Tennessee, North Carolina and Colorado and he frequents Lake Ramsey with friends and relatives. He is so passionate about his activities he once went on 500 mile bicycling road trip from New Orleans to Fort Walton Beach, Florida and back!

No matter what difficult situations arise, Dr. Delaune is passionate and happy just like his childhood dentist was. To learn more about Dr. Delaune, visit the about page on the Delaune Dental main site.