Snap-on smile, veneers, or crowns for recovered bulimic?

I am bulimic but I am in my 7th month of recovery. As you know all of the acid from vomiting has ruined my teeth. Not only are some of my teeth bordering on crumbling they are an awful grayish brown and they are very sensitive to hot and cold food and drink. I talked to my dentist and he is talking about $22,000 for porcelain veneers. That is a huge some of money. I know my teeth are important but I am wondering if something like the snapon smile could work for me. Thank you. – Kari

Kari – As you mentioned, bulimia presents multiple problems with teeth, and those problems go beyond their appearance. A Snap-On Smile will only help with the appearance of your teeth. It will not help to preserve or restore them.

You received the recommendation of porcelain veneers. The acid from vomiting affects the entire tooth—and particularly the back of the tooth—but porcelain veneers will only cover the front of your teeth. You need all-porcelain crowns, and you should receive them from an experienced cosmetic dentist.

When you find a skilled cosmetic dentist, he or she will work with you to restore your smile with porcelain crowns so it looks natural. And the work doesn’t have to be done all at once. Discuss your budget concerns with the dentist to see if he or she is willing to do the work in stages, as you can afford it.

Congratulations on your recovery. We wish you the best on your new smile.

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Will two new porcelain veneers that I need match the old ones?

I’ve had porcelain veneers for about 3 yrs now. I wasn’t really happy with the dentist that placed them and 2 of the porcelain veneers were not placed right so they are stained and it looks like their separating from my teeth. In other words for those 2 teeth you can really tell there are veneers on them and they look like they might fall off. I want to get them replaced and I am not going back to the same dentist that put the veneers on in the first place but I am worried that the color of the new veneers won’t match. I am also wondering if my getting the old ones taking off might break my teeth. THANK YOU – Lauren J.


An experienced cosmetic dentist will have no problem matching the color of your existing porcelain veneers. Your new dentist will be able to access your dental records and contact the lab that made your veneers so that the color will be perfectly matched.

There will be no issue with damage to your natural teeth. There is more risk of damage to your teeth by leaving the defective porcelain veneers as they are. Leaving the teeth untreated exposes the teeth to risk of decay.

This blog post is sponsored by New Orleans cosmetic dentist Dr. Duane Delaune.