Dental Procedures That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Most everyone considers great teeth an attractive trait. Even a quick Twitter search shows how much people value a good set of chompers. So, its no wonder Americans are spending lots of money on cosmetic dentistry. Each year, around 2.75 Billon dollars is spent on cosmetic dentistry procedures. With all this money being spent on complex cosmetic work, there are many options that are kinder to your wallet. Here are some things you can do for a better looking smile for under $1,000.

Teeth Whitening


A set of beautiful pearly whites has been proven to be one of the most attractive physical features. Plus, it’s one of the easiest things you can do. There is no going to the gym or dieting. A visit to your cosmetic dentist or a teeth whiting kit from your local drug store is all you need.

Patients will find the best whitening results with a visit to the dentist. A teeth whitening session is usually around $500 and most people will only need one session for the desirable results.

There are also teeth whitening kits available from your dentist or over the counter at drug stores around the country. Kits are little bit more expensive from dentist and costs vary from $15 to $60 for over the counter kits. These kits can make your smile 4 to 7 shades brighter but results come much slower than a visit to your dentist.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the most popular and inexpensive procedure. It is the process of fixing chipped teeth, gaps in teeth, elongating teeth or to simply improve the look of discolored teeth.

Most times anesthesia is not necessary for this procedure and patients will find that there is very little they need to do to prepare. On average, dental bonding costs about $100 to $400 a tooth. A great way to fix the gap in those front teeth for very little.

Tooth Shaping

This procedure involves removing a small amount of enamel from the teeth creating a shorter or more round tooth. The objective is to make the teeth follow the curve of the bottom lip during a smile. This costs around $25 to $50 per tooth.

Some patients may feel a little bit of increased sensitivity after tooth shaping but there are no long term harmful effects.

Have you tried any of these inexpensive procedures? How were the results?

The Art of Beautiful Smiles

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