Is Candy Consumption Declining?

According to a recent Goldman Sachs report,“millennials are consuming less candy than the generation before them.”

Analysts went on to say that they recommend selling shares of Hershey, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, and General Mils. Based on their data, chocolate, soda, and sugary cereal consumption is lower for millennials than previous generations.

This report marks the third in-depth analysis of millennials, people currently age 18 – 33. Their findings show that this generation ranks “coolness” by standards of healthy living and wellness and that beauty is evolving to reflect healthy lifestyles versus a “thin is in” culture. More athletic types of role models are rising in the media as a result.

It is important to note that millennials see wellness as a way of life with an emphasis on organic and fresh versus a restricted diet to follow, as shown in this chart.

This healthy lifestyle means that while they do not consider themselves to be dieting, they are still consuming fewer calories overall. The lower amounts of sugar being consumed may play a role in the overall lower calories consumed.

As dentists, this report is sweet music to our ears. Less sugar is always a good thing for oral health. However, it is worth noting that the millennials are also known for frequent snacks versus three standard meals a day. This makes it more important than ever for those snacks to be healthy. Snacking on carbohydrate loaded foods can put a person at a higher risk for cavity-causing bacteria to attack tooth enamel.

There’s nothing cool about cavities.

Kudos to those in the 80 million of millennials who are living a healthy, fit lifestyle.

“A critical point of differentiation between millennials and preceding generations is the ‘ritualization’ of wellness,” the report states. “That is, putting the ‘living healthy’ motivator at the center of high frequency activities like eating and physical exercise. This is distinct from gen Xers and boomers who take less direct ownership of what keeps them healthy, attributing wellness more to avoiding falling ill, being in the care of a good health professional, or sustaining an optimal weight level.”

This nutritional trend is moving the nation in the right direction.

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