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The Beasts Behind Bad Breath`

Have you ever been asked “would you like a mint?” and worried there was more to the gesture than someone simply being polite?

Recent data shows that over 30% of people cite bad breath as the least attractive trait of co-workers. This can definitely give us a reason to think again about what we bring for lunch or how close we sit to others in the company meeting.

The fact is for many of us it is difficult to smell our own breath and to know if we fall in

5 Truths About Cavities That May Surprise You

Most of us have a fairly good understanding of what causes cavities and how to prevent them. Or do we?

We brush twice a day for two minutes and floss once a day. We get regular checkups. We limit sugar (or at least try to).

But there are a few long standing myths out there that many of us believe to be fact. Here’s a list of a few that may be new news to you.

5 Truths About Cavities That May Surprise You

Myth: Kids are more likely to get cavities