World NO Tobacco Day is May 31, 2014!

Each year nearly 6 million people die from tobacco use, 600,000 of which were not smokers but recipients of second-hand smoke.

6 million people.

Many of these deaths are preventable.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is raising awareness of this tragic situation with World No Tobacco Day on Saturday, May 31, 2014.

With the ultimate goal of encouraging everyone to make every day No Tobacco Day, the WHO and it’s partners are using this year’s campaign to promote raising taxes and pricing policies on tobacco products. Research has shown that higher taxes can help prevent smoking in young people and reduce smoking in lower income groups.

According to the WHO, an increase of 10% in tobacco prices results in a 4% decrease in consumption in high income countries and 8% decrease in lower income countries. Jumping to a 50% increase in tax prices could raise $1.4 billion dollars which could then be used in health spending. For many low income countries, this could equate to a 50% increase in overall health spending.

Losing 6 million lives that don’t need to be lost is devastating enough, but it doesn’t take into account the tobacco users still living and the myriad of health problems they face. From a dental perspective alone, the risk is higher for gum disease and tooth loss. Additionally tobacco users often have yellow teeth and persistent bad breath.

Having less people use tobacco products will save lives. Raising awareness is a big step in the right direction to making that happen.

Happy World No Tobacco Day!

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