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Voted Top DDS in New Orleans Magazine for the 10th year in a row
Dr. Delaune is a Sustaining Member of the AACD.
Sustaining Memeber of
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
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Watch as Dr. Delaune explains the new patient experience, his practice philosophy and mission.
We have an experienced and talented team that is passionate about creating a warm, caring, and relaxing environment.
"My experience with Delaune Dental was amazing. They did such a good job with my smile!
They treat you like a queen when you walk in and by the time you walk out you feel like a million bucks."
"I am so confident with what Dr. Delaune has done and the process was just amazing.
It has changed the way people react to me and it has changed they way I feel about myself."
----- Scoot
Radio Talkshow Host