chronic migraines

I have chronic migraines. My doctor just puts me on a daily medicine, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. My sister-in-law said her dentist cured her migraines. What dental treatments are available for that.?


a woman holder her jaw from TMJ pain
TMJ Can Cause Migraines

Dear Cassie,

There are two things that come to mind when you speak of a dentist helping you with chronic migraines. The first is the possibility of you having TMJ disorder.

Chronic migraines are just one symptom of TMJ. You’ll notice them especially in the mornings. There are other symptoms as well:

  • pops or clicking in the jaw
  • chronic headaches
  • pain in your jaw muscles
  • neck or shoulder pain
  • worn or chipped teeth

If you suffer from these, it will benefit you to see a dentist who has training in treating in TMJ Disorder. Sometimes a simple treatment can solve the whole problem.

There is another treatment certain dentists can provide while you get to the root causes of your migraines.

Botox for Chronic Migraines

Botox can relieve migraine pain

Some dentists and doctors can provide relief by giving you Botox injections. When we think of Botox, we often think of women who’ve had so many anti-wrinkle treatments that haven’t been able to crack a smile in years.

These are tiny injections that are placed by your pain receptors. This enables it to block the release of chemicals responsible for the transmission of pain, giving you relief.

It will not interfere with any of the medication you are currently on for your migraines so you don’t have to worry about contraindications.

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