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Dealing with Teeth Whitening

I developed these opaque white spots on my teeth when I was much younger. My dentist insists my teeth are completely healthy. I mentioned to him that the appearance really bothers me, but he is more of the philosophy if it isn’t broke don’t mess with it. When I brought it up a few more times he said if it bothers me that much I could get some whitening strips. I’m looking for something a little faster and professional. There is a dentist in my area who does Zoom Whitening. Is it okay to go to a different dentist just for some cosmetic work or is that considered bad form?


Dear Meagan,

A woman getting a porcelain veneer placed on her teeth

So, there are a few different types of dentists. Yours sounds like he holds to the engineering mindset These are dentists who got into the field because they like to fix things. They haven’t invested any time in learning the cosmetic side of their field. This is very obvious from the advice he gave you.

While you are correct that Zoom Whitening is the most effective and quick way to get your teeth whitened, it will not work for your particular issue.

Any type of teeth whitening, professional or not, will whiten your teeth uniformly. This means there will still be color differences in your teeth with white spots.

The Solution to White Spots

Depending on the area affected, you have a couple of choices. If it is a tiny area of white spots, you could have dental bonding done to get your teeth uniform in color.

If it is a large area, you would be better served getting porcelain veneers placed. These will cover the entire tooth and are the top of the line in smile makeover options.

Who Should Do Your Cosmetic Work?

It is fairly common for patients to go to an expert cosmetic dentist and then return to their dentist for the bread and butter type of dental work.

The two particular procedures I mentioned above will require an expert cosmetic dentist. Look at Dr. Delaune’s bio to get an idea of what to look for in the best cosmetic dentists. They will have the skills to give you a stunning smile you will be thrilled to share.

How Can Zoom Whitening Help?

If you would like a whiter smile, you can still use Zoom Whitening to do that and then have the dentist treat the white spots.. It’s important to do any teeth whitening before the other work is done. Both dental bonding and porcelain veneers can be matched to any tooth color. However, once they’re made, their color is permanent. Get your teeth the color you want before having your veneers placed.

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Brown Spots on TEeth

Most of my teeth are okay, but there are brown spots on my two front teeth which have bothered me since they came in . I was told this was because of a fever I had as a child. My dentist tried all the over the counter whitening products and even professional whitening. She’s thinking about either sending me to another dentist who has a Zoom light or grinding down until the brown spots are gone. Do you think one of these is a better option than another?


Dear Cora,

I want you to stop letting this dentist work on your front teeth. While it is obvious she is trying to help, she doesn’t have the knowledge for this type of treatment.

Neither at-home whitening or in-office Zoom Whitening will solve your problem. Teeth whitening whitens the teeth evenly. This means your brown spots will just become more obvious.

I certainly don’t think she should experiment by grinding down the brown spots. Does she know how far she’ll have to grind? How will she build the material back up?

Solutions to Brown Spots on Teeth

You have two good solutions to this issue. The first is dental bonding. This uses composite resin which the dentist will hand sculpt onto your teeth to hide the brown spots. This is the least expensive of the two options. However, it doesn’t last as long and will need to be replaced periodically.

Your second option is to have porcelain veneers done. You can do them just on the two front teeth or you can get a complete smile makeover. It’s up to you.

One word of caution. Your current dentist is not qualified to do either of these procedures. I’m going to recommend you pick one of the dentists from your area listed on the website. They have the cosmetic training and skill necessary to give you a beautiful result.

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Can I rinse with peroxide to whiten my teeth?

I learned that teeth whitening is mostly a peroxide mixture. Couldn’t I get a faster and similar results by rinsing with peroxide at home? I want to get this done quickly. My dentist is talking about me wearing the peroxide gel for a few weeks. I’m thinking straight peroxide will be better.


Dear Lucy,

You want to get teeth whitening done fast and you can, but it won’t happen with rinsing your teeth with peroxide. You are correct that a teeth whitening gel is made of peroxide. However, it is only effective if it soaks into your teeth.

When your dentist creates a tooth whitening tray for you, he does it so they will have a close custom fit to your natural teeth. With the solution being a gel, it will stay on your teeth better in the tray.

It will need to soak in for a minimum of 15 minutes a day for there to be any whitening effect. I don’t think you’re going to feel comfortable rinsing for 15 minutes a day. Even then, it would take a few weeks.

Getting Your Teeth Whitened Fast

If you really want your teeth whitened fast, look for a dentist who offers Zoom Whitening. This is an in-office procedure that will completely whiten your teeth in just one appointment.

This is a safer option for you than gargling with peroxide every day.

A Smile Makeover

Another option for fast, white teeth is to get a complete smile makeover with porcelain veneers. I would only recommend this if you want to change more than just the color of your teeth.

Porcelain veneers can change the shape, size, and color of your teeth all at the same time. It’s what celebrities use as their go-to for their Hollywood smile.

If all you want is to do whiten your teeth then I would just stick with Zoom. It is much less expensive.

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whitening teeth with white spots

I have one tooth which has had two white spots on it my entire life, or at least for as long as I can remember. I like the white parts and want to get all my teeth to look that way. My dentist is suggesting I get Zoom Whitening but my sister says that won’t work that the spots will still be whiter than the rest. Who’s right?


Dear Brianne,

Patient using Zoom Whitening light
Zoom Whitening Light

Your sister is correct. It worries me that you’re getting better advice from your sister than you are your dentist. He is supposed to be the professional.

Teeth whitening whitens teeth uniformly. This means that all the natural tooth structure will whiten, including the white spots. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution.

You can go ahead with the Zoom Whitening. This will get your teeth as white as possible in just one appointment. You’ll still have those two spots, but they can be fixed with either dental bonding or a porcelain veneer. Dental bonding costs less, but will have to be replaced a little more often.

Either procedure will require an expert cosmetic dentist. In your place, I’d look on the website. They pre-screen cosmetic dentists who want to be listed on their site for both their technical skill and artistry. Anyone on the list will do a beautiful job for you.

White Spots on Teeth

Sometimes there are white spots on teeth which are just the pigment. This seems to be your case because you’ve had it for as long as you can remember.

Other times, however, white spots are more serious. Usually, these are signs of decalcification and an early sign of decay. We see them most often with teenagers who’ve recently had their braces removed. These metal wires and brackets are hard to clean around. This is one of the reasons some parents prefer Invisalign for their teenagers.

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why didn’t zoom whitening help?

My daughter had braces. When they were removed, there was an uneven color on her teeth. Some of the teeth had white spots. We talked to our dentist about it and he suggested we use Zoom Whitening. We did. Although her teeth are whiter they are still quite uneven. What went wrong?


Dear Natasha,

Patient using Zoom Whitening light
Whitening your teeth in one appointment is easy with Zoom

The biggest thing which went wrong is your dentist doesn’t know anything about cosmetic dentistry. while Zoom Whitening is an extraordinarily effective treatment for whitening stained teeth, it is not the correct treatment for uneven teeth.

When it comes to white spots, any type of teeth whitening procedure will actually make the situation worse.

Dealing with White Spots After Braces

When a patient has white spots after braces, it is usually caused by decalcification. Cleaning your teeth with braces on is very challenging. It takes a lot of effort to get in all the nooks and crannies. That’s one reason many dentists are recommending Invisalign for orthodontics whenever possible. It makes it much easier to clean your teeth.

Tooth Mousse is a product designed for this type of situation. It helps to remineralize the decalcified spots.

Another option is to have dental bonding placed in order to cover the uneven spots on your teeth. Don’t go to your family dentist for this. It requires a great cosmetic dentist to do this well.

How to Find a Great Cosmetic Dentist

I’m going to suggest you go to the website. They pre-screen cosmetic dentists for both technical skill and artistry. Anyone listed on their site will give your daughter a beautiful smile.

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Clorox for teeth whitening

I want to whiten my teeth fast. I know that traditional teeth whitening costs money and takes several weeks. I’d like it done faster. I was thinking if Clorox bleaches clothes, maybe it can bleach teeth too. If I put it on with a Q-tip, how fast will it work?


Deqr Margie,

Patient using Zoom Whitening light
Whitening your teeth in one appointment is easy with Zoom

While I appreciate your enthusiasm and creativity, this is a bad idea for two main reasons. First, Clorox bleach is a corrosive and will burn living tissue like your gums as well as eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Second, if it comes in contact with certain other chemicals, it will cause a toxic gas. That’s not something you want in your mouth.

If you’re after fast teeth whitening, there is a safe, healthy alternative. Find a dentist who offers Zoom whitening. This uses a special light, like the one pictured above. The purpose of the light is to activate the whitening gel. This can whiten your teeth in just one appointment.

Considerations With Zoom Whitening

With Zoom Whitening, your teeth will get as white as possible in that appointment. If you’re not interested in your teeth being their whitest and want a more subtle white, you’ll want to do traditional teeth whitening.

No matter which type of teeth whitening you choose, you need to be aware that it only works on natural tooth structure. That means, if you have a dental crown or a dental filling, they will not whiten along with your teeth.

That doesn’t mean you can’t whiten them, but rather those things will need to be replaced after your teeth are whitened. The good news is, a good cosmetic dentist can match any color, no matter what level of whiteness you choose.

If you have a crown on a front tooth, make sure your dentist gives you an all porcelain crown. They look much more natural than their metal based counterparts. Again, the dentist matters with this. Make sure your dentist is skilled and artistic. Look at their smile gallery to get an idea about what type of results to expect.

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Regular Versus Zoom Whitening

I want to get my teeth whitened. I was going to my dentist to get those trays but everyone is saying Zoom is better. Should I do that instead? I’m so confused. I tend to be a people pleaser so I feel bad when someone tells me to do something and I pick something else.


Dear Patsy,

Patient using Zoom Whitening light

Don’t feel bad about going a different direction if that is what’s better for you. I wouldn’t say that Zoom Whitening is better; just that it is faster. With Zoom, your teeth are whitened quickly in just one appointment.

It uses a special light (pictured above) which activates the whitening gel allowing the process to move faster. Your teeth will get as white as possible in that one appointment.

With at-home whitening, your dentist will use the trays to custom fit them to your teeth, then provide you with professional strength whitening gel. It will get your teeth just as white, it just takes longer and works more gradually.

This is ideal for people who want to control the level of whitening. Or people who don’t want to suddenly show up with super white teeth. Instead, it will happen gradually and won’t be a sudden change which makes it obvious you’ve had your teeth whitened.

So, one is not better than the other, just different ways of accomplishing the same goal— getting your teeth as white as you want them.

When You Want to Change More than Their Color

Some people are thrilled with just getting their teeth whitened. They already have fantastic teeth which just picked up stains as they got older.

Others, however, have several things they wish they could change about their teeth. If that happens to be you, porcelain veneers may be a better option for you. They give you a total smile makeover. The veneers can change the shape, size, and color of your teeth all in one go.

They are more pricey than teeth whitening, so only do it if you want to completely remake your smile.

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Zoom Whitening While on Cipro

I’m on a 14-day course of Cipro for a UTI. I’m scheduled for Zoom whitening in a few days, but I’m still on the medicine. Both the doctor and the pharmacist were adamant that I stay out of the sun. My husband mentioned it might be a bad idea for me to go through with the Zoom until after my Cipro is done. I called the office and they said I’d be fine, but they didn’t leave me very confident so I asked them to check with the dentist. They said he was with a patient but a hygienist said we could just double up on sunscreen. Now I’m even less sure. What do you think I should do?


Dear Elizabeth,

Zoom Logo

Your dental hygienist is wrong and your husband is right. I’m sure he’s going to love hearing that. When we’re talking about Cipro the reaction can be much more serious than a sunburn. Some patients have a strong reaction after just a moment in the direct sunlight, such as hives and blisters which will cause you complete agony.

You must have a very strong infection. Most prescriptions are 10-day but yours is 14-day. So, whatever you do, don’t stop taking your medicine in order to get your teeth whitened. It will cause the infection to come right back.

You Can Still Get Zoom Whitening

Patient using Zoom Whitening light
The light will cause you problems

The Zoom Whitening light is very strong. It will cause you problems even if they “double up” on your sunscreen. What I recommend is you reschedule your appointment for 3 days after your last dose. Technically, it should be out of your system within 24 hours of your last dose. But, you’re on a stronger dose.

Then, when you can be sure it’s clear you are good to go.

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Zoom Whitening and Marijuana Stains

Let’s say I’m a pot smoker (for medicinal reasons) and that my teeth have started turning a funky kind of color. I’ve been applying for jobs and just got called up for two interviews. I need to whiten my teeth quickly. I’ve been doing some research and know that Zoom is the fastest, but there doesn’t seem to be any information on how it does for marijuana stains. Would it be worth my time?


Dear Jess,

Zoom Whitening Logo

You’re right that Zoom is the fastest. However, like any teeth whitening, it’s most effective when you’ve recently had your teeth cleaned. Otherwise, the results can be splotchy. My suggestion is you get a checkup and cleaning done, if you haven’t recently, and then schedule a Zoom Whitening right after or the next day or so if you think your mouth will need a break.

As for the research on Zoom Whitening and marijuana stains, I’m sure you can imagine that not many companies want their brand associated as the “pot brand” so there hasn’t been much research done on it. However, with the increase in the legalization of medical marijuana, I’m sure there will be studies done without the worry of the negative publicity that would have brought in the past.

Truthfully, marijuana stains are fairly superficial and easy to remove if done regularly. That means excellent oral hygiene habits at home and faithful adherence to twice a year professional cleanings. If you stick to that after your whitening procedure you shouldn’t have any funky buildup such as you’re currently experiencing.

One thing to be aware of, and another reason to make sure you see your dentist regularly, is the increased chance of gum disease with smoking. Studies have shown that smokers, whether that be cigarette or marijuana, are more likely to develop gum disease than other patients. Most of that is likely due to the decrease in blood flow in your gums as a result of smoking.

Alternatives to Zoom Whitening for that Perfect Smile

If you’re wanting a bit more than just a whiter smile, there are some options. For a mini-smile makeover, you can combine Zoom Whitening or at-home teeth whitening with Invisalign or Six-Month Smiles to have both straighter teeth and a white smile.

However, if you’re wanting to go “all out” for a total smile makeover, I’d suggest you go with porcelain veneers. This can change anything and everything about your smile—it’s shape, size, color, even it’s character.

If you decide to go this route, it’s important you get not just a skilled cosmetic dentist but one with an artistic eye as well. The website recommends the best cosmetic dentists in each area. You’ll just have to input your zip code and the distance you’re willing to travel.

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How Can I Avoid Nuclear Teeth if I Get Them Whitened?

I’ve been considering whitening my teeth. They’re showing their age. Plus, I drink a lot of coffee. The only thing holding me back is an episode of the TV show “Friends” where one of the characters has his teeth whitened so much they practically glow in the dark. Is there a way to avoid nuclear teeth if I do decide to get them whitened?

Sam Q. – Nevada


A lot of it depends on what type of whitening you do. Zoom Whitening, an in-office procedure, whitens your teeth as much as they can be whitened. At first, they seem super, super white, but the color generally calms down after a week.

However, if you want total control over the level of whitening, then you may consider take-home whitening. It will whiten in increments. You wear it a certain amount of time every day, then when you reach the level of whitening you desire, you’re done. It’s that simple. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how stained your teeth are.

Most dentists will want to do an examination first, to make sure you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening. If you have any fillings, they’ll check those and make sure they’re healthy, etc.

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