Crown hurts

I don’t know what’s going on. My crown hurts whenever I bite. It feels like the crown is bigger than the teeth next to it. I’m thinking bigger like taller. Could this be why it’s hurting. My dentist said it’s just a matter of me getting used to it but it has been about two months and it still hurts. Will I get used to it or is something else going on?


Dear Kevin,

A woman holding her jaw from TMJ pain

When a crown is done properly, you shouldn’t even notice it is there. Your dentist saying, “You’ll get used to it.” is generally dental speak for “I’m not sure how to fix this.”

Normally, a basic step would be for a dentist to check that the crown isn’t seated to high. To do that, they’d have you bite on registration paper. This leaves marks where the crown hits prematurely. They will grind down those places.

I’m going on the assumption your dentist has already done this. If he hasn’t, you should definitely get a new dentist. If he has done this, there is something more challenging wrong and it’s out of his depth so he’s just saying you’ll “get used to it”.

This Can Lead to TMJ Disorder

If you don’t get this resolved, there is a possibility you will develop TMJ disorder.

I don’t think I’m confident your current dentist can fix this. Because of that, I’d like you to see a dentist who has experience with TMJ. They can properly place your crown so that you don’t have to worry about developing TMJ.

Making the Most of a Bad Situation

I’m a big believer in finding the good in a tough situation. If it turns out your crown was made improperly for your bite in a way which can be fixed, two good things can result.

First, you’ll be able to get a refund from your first dentist which will help you pay to get it done right. Second, this is a chance to improve your smile.

The color your crown is made is permanent. If you’re going to have it redone, I’d suggest getting your teeth whitened, so your second crown can be made to match a much lighter color to match your new, more youthful looking smile.

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