Dental implants with metal allergies

I have a severe allergy to cobalt, nickel, and mercury. I’m in need of one filling and one dental implant. Is there a way to do this with my allergies?


Dear Cassie,

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The key to a good outcome with your dentist is communication

Mercury-Free Dental Fillings

You will be able to treat both of these situations. We’ll start with the fillings because that is easy. You simply need to see a mercury-free dentist. They will provide you with white composite fillings and you’ll never have to worry about any mercury content.

Metal-Free Dental Implants

As for the dental implant, the metal allergies you mentioned shouldn’t affect you. Traditional dental implants are made from titanium which is extremely biocompatible. They’re used in many body replacements, including for hips.

If you are still concerned you might have an allergy to it, you can ask your doctor to run an allergy test. That is fairly simple. If it turns out you are allergic, there is still a way for you to get a dental implant.

They now make zirconia implants. These are metal free. The zirconia is just as strong as the titanium and is nicknamed ceramic steel. The reason dentists typically use the titanium is it has been in use longer and has a proven track record.

Most dentists are good at working around a patient’s limitations. For instance, there are anxious patients who need either extra patience and explanations or what’s happening or their anxiety is so strong they need some form of dental sedation.

If your dentist isn’t willing to work with you, I’d suggest finding a better caregiver.

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