I’m embarrassed to tell my dentist I had fillers injected

My tooth is in serious pain, but I’ve been holding off on going to the dentist because I recently had Juvederm injections in my laugh lines. I know a lot of people do it, but I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it to my dentist. I’m afraid if I don’t tell him the filler will move if I try and have my tooth fixed. So, I just keep waiting hoping I can make it at least two weeks (which is what my post op instructions stated). The longer I wait, the more it hurts and the the more of an emergency situation this becomes. Help! — Sara

You definitely don’t want to apply pressure to any areas where filler has been injected for at least a couple of weeks. But, if your tooth is continuing to get worse, you should be seen and you definitely don’t need to feel embarrassed to tell your dentist about the injections.

Call your dentist and get in as soon as possible so he can x-ray and examine the tooth. Once he knows you have the fillers, he’ll be extra careful about applying pressure and you’ll probably feel most uncomfortable trying to open your mouth – simply because the fillers cause tenderness and swelling. If it was just a regular check-up, you could easily put it off a few weeks, but this toothache could quickly become very serious and visiting the emergency dentist will not affect your fillers.

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