luster premium home whitening

I’m considering whitening my teeth. I know a lot of dentists tout the Zoom Whitening because it has the light that speeds up results. I noticed that the Luster Premium Home Whitening kit has the same light. It’s significantly less money than my dentist charges for Zoom. Do you know if they get similar results?


Dear Cath,

Patient using Zoom Whitening light
Zoom Whitening Light

I’ll address the light first. Yes, with Zoom Whitening the light activates the gel and allows you to meet your maximum whiteness in just one appointment.

The light from the Luster Premium kit is too weak to have any effect. My guess it is there to associate it with Zoom and help patients feel like it is making a difference.

The main whitening ingredient in this kit is also less than legitimate. This is a pigment in their SuperWhitener, Zinc Oxide. What it does is stick to the teeth to make them appear whiter. Unfortunately, that effect is temporary and will fade away.

Sadly, the consumer won’t realize that. They’ll see the whiter teeth in the beginning and feel like it is working. Then, continue purchasing the product thinking they “re-stained” their teeth.

Best Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

If you are after whitening your teeth quickly, than Zoom is the standard. It works. However, it is pricier than other options. If the price tag is what’s bothering you, then it is more affordable to do traditional teeth whitening through your dentist.

He’ll custom design trays for your teeth and provide you with professional strength whitening gel. You’ll place the gel in the trays and wear them for a minimum period of time every day at your convenience at home.

These can also help you achieve your maximum whitening potential. It will just take a few weeks rather than one appointment. Though it does have the benefit of you getting to control the level of whitening. With Zoom, you get the maximum. Period. With at-home whitening, once you achieve the level you want, you simply stop wearing the trays and gel.

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