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Sensitive teeth are affecting my health. Will Lumineers help?

My teeth are extremely sensitive, making it difficult to eat and drink certain foods and beverages. It’s starting to affect my health because I am struggling to keep my body nourished. Would getting Lumineers help with the sensitivity and get me back on the road to feeling normal and healthy?  — Sara

Lumineers or other brands of porcelain veneers can help treat sensitivity. But before you make any decisions on this type of treatment or smile makeover, it is very important that you consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist who can get to the bottom of why your teeth are so sensitive and make a thorough diagnosis.

Sensitivity can be caused by several things, including:

  • Leaky fillings
  • Sensitive spots on the root of your tooth
  • A mis-aligned bite
  • Tooth decay
  • Teeth grinding

Sometimes a patient with sensitivity wanting porcelain veneers may need to get root canal treatment on the front teeth.  With today’s modern advances and a good cosmetic dentist doing the work, they can assure the tooth won’t fracture later and the end result will be a beautiful smile and no more sensitivity.

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