whitening tetracycline teeth

I’ve had tetracycline-stained teeth since I was a child. It has always been a source of horrible embarrassment for me. My dentist said teeth whitening wouldn’t do much good for me and not to waste my money. He didn’t have a solution for me either. Is there anything I can do or am I just going to have to learn to live with a smile I’d rather hide?


Dear Betsy,

While one particular brand of teeth whitening has had more success with these stains than others, most make hardly any difference at all. That doesn’t mean all is lost.

As you can see from this smile makeover that Dr. Deluane did on a patient, there is a way to obtain a beautiful smile after tetracycline stains. Here Dr. Delaune used porcelain veneers. This enabled him not only to cover her stains, but to reshape her teeth to add length.

I don’t want you to think you can just run to your family dentist and get porcelain veneers and all will be beautiful and shiny. These are among the most difficult cosmetic dentistry cases to do. It would take a dentist with advanced cosmetic training.

The difficulty comes in needing to make the porcelain veneers opaque enough to cover the dark tetracycline stains, yet translucent enough to have their natural shine.

Finding an Expert Cosmetic Dentist

I’m going to suggest you go to the mynewsmile.com website. A cosmetic dentist cannot just pay to be listed. They have to prove their cosmetic education as well as provide case samples to show they can get beautiful results.

However, while everyone listed on that site is an expert cosmetic dentist, tetracycline cases are a beast of their own. I’d like you to go one step further and ask to see specific before and after pictures of cases they’ve done dealing with tetracycline. You want to be certain they’re able to get the beautiful results you’re dreaming of. Then, you will have a smile you are delighted to share with the world.

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