Can abrasive toothpaste damage my porcelain veneers?

I hope that I haven’t ruined my new porcelain veneers or at least that I haven’t affected how long they will last. I have been brushing them with a toothpaste that is abrasive. Will the glaze come off? thanks jessica from georgia

Jessica – The porcelain surface of your porcelain veneers will not be scratched by the abrasive toothpaste. But the composite that is used to bond the porcelain to the tooth can scratch and wear away.

If you haven’t used the abrasive toothpaste for an extended period, you probably won’t notice any scratches or wear on the bonding. If the bonding is scratched, a stain line around the veneer will be visible. Or a thin groove around the veneer can form and attract decay. When this happens, see an experienced cosmetic dentist to correct the problem.

Dental bonding is softer than porcelain and it is likely to be scratched from abrasive toothpaste. But an expert cosmetic dentist would be able to polish away the scratches.

Supersmile toothpaste is best to use on cosmetic dental work. It can help preserve the life of your smile makeover.

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A porcelain crown for a badly broken tooth

Last year I had a root canal done. My dentist told me that I needed a crown to protect the tooth but I didn’t do it. I couldn’t afford it.  I have a few other things that I need to take care of before I consider getting a crown. This past Thursday my tooth broke down to the gum line. Is this something that can be fixed? Kirk from texas


Your dentist is correct. A dental crown is needed to protect the tooth after the root canal treatment. The tooth becomes brittle, because there is no blood supply to it, and the crown protects it from breaking. The break in your tooth is partially the result of not having it protected.

Your tooth is broken now, but a crown is still needed to preserve your tooth. If the tooth is left exposed, it is at further risk to become infected again, or for a root to fracture. If the root is fractured, the tooth cannot be saved. If an infection recurs, a second root canal treatment will be needed.

Although you have concerns about the cost of the crown, protecting your tooth now will save you money in the long term.

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