I received a dental implant bridge and now my bite is off

Ever since I got my dental implant bridge, my teeth don’t line up correctly. When I am chewing, the teeth on the right side are off. Is this a normal adjustment period? – Meghan

Meghan – Your teeth should be aligned immediately after receiving your dental implant bridge. There is no adjustment period required for the alignment. Either your implants were not properly placed during the surgeon or the restoration was done incorrectly.

Implant dentistry requires careful planning and placement for the surgery. Although some dentists offer affordable dental implants, affordability alone should not be the patient’s only concern.

We recommend that you find a dentist with extensive post-graduate training in implantology. If the surgery and restoration are completed by two different dentists, the restoring dentist should provide a template of your mouth that indicates the exact angle and placement of your dental implants.

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Is the bleeding near my dental implant caused by smoking?

I notice that sometimes when I brush my teeth there is bleeding in the area where I got a dental implant. I’ve had the implant for about two months. I am a smoker. Does that have anything to do with the bleeding? – Rebecca B., Louisiana

Rebecca – New dental implants are sensitive. Brushing too hard can cause some bleeding. If you have pain, if the implant is loose, or if the bone around it is loose, it can be a sign of a failed dental implant. Although smoking is very unhealthy, it’s unlikely that it is causing the bleeding.

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