Could my implant be causing my stinky breath?

I’ve had nothing but trouble with my dental implant. Not only were the appointments grueling, but I had bone grafting as well as a problem with my crown resulting in it having to be re-cemented. To top it all off, I had an infection that just wouldn’t go away, so I was on several rounds of antibiotics. I’m finally to the point where the implant feels ok, but I’ve recently noticed a really bad taste in my mouth and my husband now says I have bad breath. Nothing seems to help. Could this bad taste and smell be coming from my implant? My dentist insists that everything is fine and suggested that I watch the foods I am eating and referred me to my doctor.   — Lisa in Oakland

It seems like you can’t seem to catch a break in this whole process. It must be so disappointing to invest all that time and money and have to endure so many problems. There’s so much expertise and skill that goes into placing implants…that’s why it’s so important to do your research up front when choosing the best implant dentist.

Go ahead and check with your physician, but you should also seek  a second opinion from another implant dentist. The reoccurring infections you have been dealing with could be a sign that there is something wrong. Active infections can cause many of the symptoms you are describing and if ignored and not treated the infection can spread – costing you not only the implant, but even your jaw or something much worse.

A failing implant is not something to brush aside – it’s a very serious issue. Find someone who can get to the root of why you are having these problems. Antibiotics are only a temporary fix until the real problem is addressed and treated. If a proper diagnosis is not made, the infections will continue – and so will the bad smell and taste.

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Does a holisitic dentist offer safer teeth whitening?

I’ve been thinking about whitening my teeth, but I’m concerned about the chemicals that are used in many of today’s teeth whitening procedures. I have read that some can cause cancer.  I have often thought about seeking out a holistic dentist in my area. I like my dentist, but he uses more modern practices and when I asked him about whitening, he recommended the in-office procedure, which I know is loaded with harsh chemicals. Would a holistic dentist have other options? — Annie in Maryland

You are not alone in your concerns and today more people are seeking out natural and holistic dentists. Sadly, many practitioners still rely on what they learned early on in their training, and don’t take the time to seek out the latest information on products and procedures and whether or not they can affect our bodies in a negative way.

The most common active whitening ingredient linked to cancer is the hydrogen peroxide found in in-office treatments. There is no definitive proof that it harms the body, and the only way it can be absorbed is through soft tissue contact. It’s unlikely that your gums will absorb much whitening gel because it is applied with custom-made trays that fit only the teeth and in-office systems block out your gums. You would feel it burning or tingling if it did, and your dentist would need to remove it immediately.

Take-home systems are much lower strength and safer because they are generally made with carbamide peroxide. Holistic dentists often prefer the take-home method because of this.  If you like your dentist and aren’t ready to make a switch ask and see if he has a take-home system that contains carbamide peroxide. An absolute all-natural solution that many people get results with over time would be brushing a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice on your teeth a couple times a week and leaving it there for a few minute. Be sure to rinse it off right away so that the acid in the lemon juice doesn’t damage your enamel.

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Does teeth grinding affect Lumineers?

I’ve always been self-conscience of my smile and I’m finally to the point financially where I am considering getting Lumineers. I’ve seen and heard a lot of good things about them, but my one concern is that I grind my teeth. I’m afraid if I tell my dentist that I grind my teeth, he will refuse to put them on. If I don’t tell him, will I risk them failing? I’d be willing to replace them down the road, but can’t afford to do it if they get damaged right away. I really don’t want to be told I can’t have them.  — Luisa in Oklahoma

No matter what type of medical advice you are seeking, it’s always best to be honest. Grinding your teeth can be a problem with Lumineers, but whether or not it totally excludes you from the procedure is something your dentist will need to determine.

Grinding and clenching can affect the longevity of Lumineers, but it’s almost impossible to determine ahead of time if or when they’ll fail. If you grind your teeth during sleep, a night guard can be a great solution for you.  Ask your dentist about other appliances that can help you during the day or even seek out some relaxation techniques designed to help you reduce the urge to grind.

There are some other alternatives to Lumineers that may hold up better in your situation. They will give you the same beautiful look, so be open to suggestions from your dentist on other brands or styles.

Also, keep in mind that no dental restoration will last forever. Whatever you choose will eventually need replaced. Any restoration can fail in a very short period of time if they are not properly taken care of. But, when correctly placed and cared for, restorations can last ten years or more. In your case, honestly is the best policy… and so is a frank discussion with your dentist about your situation and the results you would like to achieve. When all is said and done, you’ll be glad you did when you can show off your beautiful, new smile to the world.

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Is there such a thing as a good deal on implants?

I have a couple of missing teeth and I am thinking about having implants placed. It will be a significant investment for me and I want to be sure I get the most affordable price possible. How will I know if my dentist is giving me a good deal?  – Mark in Idaho

It’s always nice when you can shop around and save a little money on things in life. However, dental procedures are not something that you want to cut corners on. Often the best deal might turn out “to good to be true” and one crucial mistake can often lead to spending thousands of dollars more than you intended to get the smile of your dreams.

First you need to find a good implant dentist who can help you determine what treatment options are best for your situation and then what will fit your budget. Today, many dentists are helping make implants more affordable by offering payment plans or accepting credit. And because implants take several months to complete, most dentists give the option to pay for each procedure as it occurs, which also helps spread out the cost.

Getting the best deal can be a bonus, but focusing on the skill and knowledge of the dentist should be your first priority. After you find that, then it’s time to talk about what options are available to you for your particular situation and whether or not the office can work with you on payments and insurance billing to help make it more affordable.

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