Can a cosmetic dentist change the length of my teeth?

My teeth look too small. I’ve been self-conscious about it for years. I have put off doing anything about it because of concerns about the cost, but I really want them to look adult sized. Is there anything a cosmetic dentist can do to make them look longer? – Rebekkah S.

Rebekkah  – One option for giving your teeth a longer appearance is porcelain veneers. The veneers are bonded to the front of your teeth. They will be made to match the color of your natural teeth. You will be able to choose the shape and color of your teeth.  This is work that you definitely want done by an experienced cosmetic dentist. Check the dentist’s credentials and training in cosmetic dentist to confirm that he or she truly has artistic talent and can give you natural-looking results. You can also look on the dentist’s website for a smile gallery, or have a consultation with the dentist and ask to see pictures of his or her work.

If you have excess gum tissue that is making your teeth look too small, gum contouring or a gum lift can be performed to reveal more of your tooth structure.

Consult with a few cosmetic dentists to discuss your goals for your smile and find out your treatment options. You can also discuss payment options, including financing or payment plans that may help make the treatment affordable for you.

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How to whiten my teeth fast with out a dentist?

I am in my sister’s wedding in 3 weeks. I am her maid of honor. I want to get my teeth really white. I need to get it done fast. How can I do it without a dentist? – Kelli C.

Kelli – You can whiten your teeth without the assistance of a dentist, but you may not get the brilliantly white smile you want.

If you choose over-the-counter whitening strips that contain carbamide peroxide, they will whiten your teeth. Carbamide peroxide breaks down the stains in your teeth. You won’t be able to find over-the-counter gel with the same strength you can receive from a dentist. It will take two to three weeks to a bright smile.

Dentists provide professional-strength gel that will give you the brightest smile. In-office treatment will whiten your smile within an hour. Take-home treatment will whiten your teeth in about two weeks, but it will be significantly whiter than the results from over-the-counter products.

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