Should I get composite filling or porcelain veneers to close my gap?

I want to close a gap between my front teeth. I know that composite fillings are cheaper than veneers, but how do they really compare? If veneers are really better I don’t want to be too cheap to spend the money for them. Thanks for your help – AnnKatherine

AnnKatherine – It sounds as you’ve done some research on your options. Composite bonding can be used to close small gaps. The composite is less expensive than the veneers, but it still requires the skill of a cosmetic dentist to match the color and translucency of your natural teeth.

Porcelain veneers are more expensive than composite filling, but they also are more durable and more stain resistant. The veneers can beautifully conceal the gap in your teeth. But matching them to your natural teeth also requires an experienced dentist. If you take care of your veneers, they can last up to twenty years or more.

Discuss the pros and cons with your cosmetic dentist to help you make a final decision.

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Can a broken partial denture be fixed?

The metal bar on my partial denture broke. The partial is for 2 upper left and 2 upper right teeth. The teeth are now kind of hanging lower than they should but I don’t want to remove the partial all together because then I would have 4 missing teeth. Can I get it fixed? Tom

Tom – Unfortunately, the metal framework of a partial denture cannot be fixed. The partial will need to be replaced.

A traditional partial denture with the metal framework has an acrylic base, in which either acrylic or composite teeth are embedded. The plastic parts are easy to repair and re-attach to the framework. Repairing the framework would require welding, which would melt the acrylic base. The lab work required to re-position the teeth, clasps, and saddle of the framework would be just as costly as making a new partial denture.

If your budget permits, dental implants are the most effective and most natural-looking way to replace your missing teeth. They are a permanent solution, and you would be free of concerns about replacing a partial denture in the future.

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