Botox party vs doctor or dentist administered

I am only 37 yrs old but I have deep wrinkles in my forehead and around my mouth when I smile. When I see pictures of myself, I think I look at least 42 yrs old. I was invited to a Botox party, which I declined because I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it at the time. What’s the difference between getting it done at a party, or at a doctor’s or dentist’s office? I do know it’s cheaper at a party, because I can get a group rate. – Thanks Milan

Milan – There are several risks involved if you choose to have your facial lines removed at a Botox party, or pumping party, as it is commonly called. Do you know who is administering the injections? There are reports of Botox parties-gone-bad because the person administering the injections was poorly qualified or not qualified at all to administer them.

How can you be certain what is being injected? There are also reports of high-volume injections of low-grade silicon, or other substances that are not Botox. Serious health issues and even death can occur. Often potential side effects and risks are not reviewed with clients before injections are given.

When you receive Botox injections from an authorized provider—such as a doctor’s or dentist’s office—you will receive information on the procedure, possible side effects, and what you can expect from the injections—prior to receiving them.

At a dentist’s or doctor’s office, your injections will be administered in sterile conditions. And they will be administered by a trained professional with whom you can follow-up if you have any questions or concerns.

There are many competent doctors who are qualified to administer Botox. We strongly recommend that you find one. The extra cost is worth it.

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We can’t afford all-on-4 dental implants so what are the options?

My moms teeth are really bad, and they are starting to like chip away and stuff, and we can’t afford dental implants. We went to one dentist and we talked about something called all-on-4 where she could get the implants and dentures all on the same day. But we found out the cost and because its like thousands of dollars, and insurance doesn’t cover it so we can’t get them. What are other, cheaper, alternatives? I feel really bad for my mom, because she is really upset about it and embarrassed about her teeth. – Jada

Jada – All-on-4 dental implants are placed in the front of the jawbone and are highly angled so that bone grafting is not needed. In some cases, the procedure can be completed in the same day. But this technique is not right for everyone.

Your mom can consider complete removable dentures. A cosmetic dentist can give your mom dentures that are customized to fit her facial features. The dentures will look like her natural teeth.

Many people worry about dentures falling out, which sounds as if it may be your mom’s concern. Mini implants are more affordable than standard implants. Dentures can be secured with as few as two mini implants, but the more implants there are, the more secure her dentures will be.

Insurance companies generally do not provide coverage for dental implants, because there are other means of replacing your teeth. Many dentists offer financing, payment plans, and accept major credit cards for payment.

Be sure to let your mom know that she should see an experienced cosmetic dentist to get natural-looking dentures that fit well.

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