Should I get my teeth bleached before I get a porcelain crown?

I’ve been planning to have my teeth bleached this fall, but I had an accident that broke more than half of one of my front teeth. Now I need a porcelain crown. Does it matter which I have done first—the crown or the teeth bleaching? – Donna P. from River Ridge

Donna – Yes, it does make a difference which treatment you have done first. If you want whiter teeth, they should be bleached first.Then, the porcelain crown will be matched to your whiter teeth. If you get the crown first, when your teeth are bleached, they will be whiter than the crown.The crown will be noticeable—not natural looking—and you’ll likely want a new crown.

You need a waiting period between your teeth whitening and the placement of the crown. When your teeth are bleached, the color will stabilize in about two weeks. So wait for the entire two weeks to pass before attempting to match the porcelain crown to your bleached teeth.

You’ll save time and money if you have your teeth bleached first, wait two weeks for the color to stabilize, and then receive a porcelain crown.

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