Is it important to finish the root canal treatment?

My dentist started a root canal on one of my teeth but she couldn’t  finish it because the root was longer than expected. When she used longer files, I had a lot of pain. So she stopped. The office called my insurance company and got approval for me to see an endodontist. Is it really necessary to complete the root canal or can I just get the tooth capped? – Jade

Jade – A root canal treatment is performed because there is an infection in your tooth. In order to ensure that the infection is removed, the entire pulp of the tooth, including the tips of the roots must be cleaned out and sealed off. If you leave the tooth untreated, the infection will linger and there is a possibility of it continuing to spread.

The tooth will need to be protected with a dental crown, frequently called a “cap,” but it’s important to ensure the infection is removed first.

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Loose dental implant

I had 3 dental implants fitted in April and one has come a bit loose. Can this be dangerous or is just like a loose tooth that will fall out later? – Janet

Janet – Dental implants should not become lose or fall out. A loose implant is a sign of dental implant failure. Have you had any follow-up visits with your implant dentist to check the progress of your implants?

A dental can become loose if it is improperly placed, if cheap implant fixtures are used, or if you have inadequate bone density to support the implant. You should schedule an appointment with your implant dentist right away. If the dental implant has failed, it will need to be completely redone.

If you prefer, you can get a second opinion from an experienced implants. He or she will examine the implant and let you know your treatment options.

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