Can I get Lumineers over my caps?

I have old caps on my teeth. They are totally worn down. I like the look of Lumineers over caps. Can I get Lumineers put over the caps? Hanah


Lumineers, or porcelain veneers, cannot be placed over crowns, or caps. Lumineers are bonded to your natural teeth.

When you receive a dental crown, your tooth is shaved down to accommodate it. Once you receive crowns, you are unable to receive veneers. But you can visit a skilled cosmetic dentist who will provide you with new crowns that look so beautiful and natural that people will think they are your natural teeth.

Schedule consultations with a few cosmetic dentists to discuss your treatment options.

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Ears have been ringing for 4 nights. Do I have TMJ?

My ears have been ringing for 4 nights in a row. Before that they would ring every now and then. I am wondering if I have TMJ. THanks Deidre

Deidre – TMJ disorder can affect your ears. It can cause pain or sensitivity in your ears or tinnitus—ringing in your ears. Tense jaw muscles can affect the ears and cause ringing or vertigo.

But ringing in the ears is not the only sign of TMJ. Head and neck pain, jaw pain, and headaches are some of the other symptoms.

The only way to receive an accurate diagnosis is to visit a dentist who is trained in TMJ treatment and diagnosis. Make an appointment for an examination.

This post is sponsored by New Orleans cosmetic dentist Dr. Duane Delaune.