Receiving dental care without dental insurance

Millions of Americans avoid going to the dentist because they don’t have dental insurance. Did you know that many dentists provide options that allow you to maintain good oral health, even if you don’t have dental insurance?

Some dentists have in-office monthly payment plans. Others accept payment through major credit cards. CareCredit® is a popular financing company through which many dentists offer no-interest financing.

Before you decide that you can’t afford dental care, selectively choose a few dentists from whom you think you would be comfortable receiving treatment. Visit the financial arrangements page on their website or call the office to get details on how dental treatment can be made affordable for you.

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How can I get rid of facial wrinkles without Botox?

I am 44 years old, but I look more like 52. I know I look older because I asked a few random people at work how old they think I am. All of them gave an age over 50. Part of the reason for looking older are the deep creases in my face. I got them honest from my mother and grandmother who have the creases and they look 8 to 10 years older than they are. I want to do something about it, but I don’t want Botox. I read online about a couple of ladies that had a bad experience with it. What are my options? Thanks – Sharon

Sharon – Botox® is effective in erasing facial wrinkles. Although serious side effects rarely occur, the usual side effects after treatment are redness or bruising, which gradually go away in a week.

Juvederm® is an alternative. This dermal filler contains hyaluronic acid. This acid is a natural moisturizing agent that is in body tissue. Hyaluronic acid decreases as we age, and Juvederm replaces it and adds moisture back into your face.

The treatment usually lasts about 15 minutes. The most common side effects after treatment are some redness or bruising, which will diminish in about a week. Your provider will discuss other possible side effects with you. The results will last eight months to a year. After that time, if you want to maintain the results, the treatment needs to be repeated.

This post is sponsored by New Orleans cosmetic dentist Dr. Duane Delaune of Metairie.