Clorox for teeth whitening

I want to whiten my teeth fast. I know that traditional teeth whitening costs money and takes several weeks. I’d like it done faster. I was thinking if Clorox bleaches clothes, maybe it can bleach teeth too. If I put it on with a Q-tip, how fast will it work?


Deqr Margie,

Patient using Zoom Whitening light
Whitening your teeth in one appointment is easy with Zoom

While I appreciate your enthusiasm and creativity, this is a bad idea for two main reasons. First, Clorox bleach is a corrosive and will burn living tissue like your gums as well as eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Second, if it comes in contact with certain other chemicals, it will cause a toxic gas. That’s not something you want in your mouth.

If you’re after fast teeth whitening, there is a safe, healthy alternative. Find a dentist who offers Zoom whitening. This uses a special light, like the one pictured above. The purpose of the light is to activate the whitening gel. This can whiten your teeth in just one appointment.

Considerations With Zoom Whitening

With Zoom Whitening, your teeth will get as white as possible in that appointment. If you’re not interested in your teeth being their whitest and want a more subtle white, you’ll want to do traditional teeth whitening.

No matter which type of teeth whitening you choose, you need to be aware that it only works on natural tooth structure. That means, if you have a dental crown or a dental filling, they will not whiten along with your teeth.

That doesn’t mean you can’t whiten them, but rather those things will need to be replaced after your teeth are whitened. The good news is, a good cosmetic dentist can match any color, no matter what level of whiteness you choose.

If you have a crown on a front tooth, make sure your dentist gives you an all porcelain crown. They look much more natural than their metal based counterparts. Again, the dentist matters with this. Make sure your dentist is skilled and artistic. Look at their smile gallery to get an idea about what type of results to expect.

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