full mouth reconstruction disaster

My dentist has been fixing my teeth because of my teeth grinding. He said I’ve been grinding them for years. Now they need to be repaired. He’s using crowns and bridges. When he did the temporaries they fit sort of okay. Some of the teeth weren’t fitting together okay but he said he would straighten that out with the permanent ones. The permanent ones are in, but it doesn’t feel right. Some of them aren’t touching each other and some are touching in some spots and not others. Is that normal? I know teeth vary. The problem is it hurts when I’m chewing and I’ve been getting pretty bad migraines. What do you recommend?


Dear Joseph,

man grabbing the side of his jaw in pain

If I am understanding you correctly, the first thing I suggest you do is find another dentist. You said he told you that you’ve been grinding your teeth for years. In all that time, did he mention it to you or did he wait until they were down to nubs?

If he knew it and didn’t mention it, that is gross negligence. He could have saved your teeth from this procedure by providing a simple nightguard for you. This is a device you wear, similar to a sports mouthguard, which is custom-fitted to your bite and protects your teeth from the grinding, which mostly happens while you are asleep.

Because he didn’t do that, you are spending thousands of dollars on a full-mouth reconstruction, instead of what could have been a couple of hundred bucks.

Plus, you told me the temporaries weren’t occluding well either. He said he’d fix that with the permanents, but that isn’t how it works. The permanent crowns and bridges are patterned after the temporary ones. He had to fix those first.

You Need a TMJ Dentist

A full-mouth reconstruction is extremely advanced. It is something well beyond the skills of someone who simply graduated from dental school. It takes advanced TMJ training.

Some of the better schools are:

  • The Dawson Academy
  • The Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies
  • Texas Center for Occlusal Studies
  • The Pankey Institute

In your place, I would get a refund and then find a dentist who has studied at one of these institutions. You can find them by doing a search for a TMJ Dentist online, then look at their bios to see where they did their post-doctoral training.

Bonus points if they are also a mynewsmile.com recommended cosmetic dentist, then you’ll know they can also create a beautiful smile.

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