type 1 diabetes & dental implants

If I have type 1 diabetes, is it still possible for me to get dental implants or am I not a candidate?


Dear Ben,

dental implant diagram

With diabetes, you can still get dental implants as long as your diabetes is under control. While it is not a contraindicator, it is a risk factor. A significant one, in fact.

One thing I highly suggest is you research your implant dentist very carefully. You need someone who has had significant post-doctoral training in dental implants. For instance, Dr. Delaune received the following training in dental implants.

  • Implantology training from the Zimmer Institute and Russo Seminars
  • Advanced dental implant training at the Medical University of South Carolina

You’ll want them to do all the diagnostic work possible and keep a close eye on everything throughout the process. Diabetics often have trouble healing so make sure they do extra checks on you during the healing process.

While some dentists will do the implant surgery themselves, others refer you out to an oral surgeon. Don’t make the mistake of seeing an oral surgeon before the dentist. You’ll want the dentist to have close communication with and surgeon to make sure they only place the implants where the dentist wants them.

If you’re going to have a mixture of your own teeth and dental implants, you’ll be more happy with your smile if you whiten your teeth beforehand.

Your dentist will place porcelain crowns on top of the implants. When he or she does that, the crowns can be matched to your natural teeth. However, once that color is made, it is permanent. You’ll want to make sure your teeth are the color you’ll want your implant crowns for a long time.

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